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Advanced Techonologies and Applications in Dairy Engineering


  • ISBN:9781642240764
  • Contributors: Frédéric Daems, Gabriel-Danut Mocanu
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Year: 2019
  • Pages: 375
  • Availability: In Stock

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Dairying has played a prominent role towards household nutrition security and also actively contributes to the economies of a number of communities, regions and countries. An increasing demand worldwide is noticeably emerging at present, and the industry is globalizing, thus increasing the scope and intensity of the global dairy trade. However, the question of how and on what criteria we can objectively assess the economic benefits of the dairy sector still remains. The dairy sector has helped the national economy by emerging as the highest milk producing country in the world. The expanding dairy industry, privatization of enterprise and the globalization of the economy will result in an increased demand for people trained in specific areas of dairying. Production experts conversant with modern biotechniques will be required to deliver results at field level and make dairying a profitable enterprise. Future demands will be in the area of food engineering, food packaging, quality assessment, and increasing the shelf life of dairy products considering the volume of financial turn-over in dairy industry in the coming years, management expertise in dairy business will be required with specialized training in business management.

Dairy Engineering: Advanced Technologies and Their Applications covers topics that are at the interface between fundamental dairy research and the practical technological challenges facing the modern dairy industry worldwide. Topics addressed span the full range of dairy technologies, the production of diverse dairy products across the world and the development of dairy ingredients for food applications.

The book provides a wealth of valuable information on dairy technology and its applications, covering devices, standardization, packaging, ingredients, laws and regulatory guidelines, food processing methods, and more.

The aims of this book are to present new results and possibilities in the frontier areas of dairy & food processing and to stimulate interest among students, researchers, teaching staff, practicing professionals connected with dairy science, animal science, food science, and other related fields.