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Telecommunication Networks


  • ISBN:9781642240481
  • Contributors: G. M. Shafiullah, Leandro Rodrigues Manso Silva
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Year: 2019
  • Pages: 352
  • Availability: In Stock

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While there is a comprehensible need for communication networks sustaining reliable information transfer between varieties of entities in the electric grid, there are many issues associated to network performance, correctness, interoperability, and safety that require being resolved. A secure, reliable, and economical power supply is closely associated to a fast, proficient, and reliable communications infrastructure. This development goes hand in hand with the rapid growth in the demand for communications. This is not just a question of higher bandwidths but also of communications requirements for new energy applications, including meter data management, distribution automation, and demand response, to name just a few examples.

This book will focus on identifying prospects to modify communication protocols that have been designed for network traffic control to provide better service to smart grid applications and to supervise power flows in the smart grid between traditional and renewable generation sources and between utility-owned and customer-owned assets. The rapid increase in distributed energy resources today is impairing the power quality of the distribution grid. That’s why grid operators need to be able to respond quickly in critical situations.

Telecommunication Networks for the Smart Grid delivers practical approaches to the advancement of smart grid communication architecture with real world examples and in-depth case studies. The coverage includes detailed reviews of such revolutionary applications as advanced metering infrastructure, distribution automation, demand response and synchrophasors; examines safe and sound data management and data analytics for smart grids; explores the transformation of a network from conventional modes of utility operation to an integrated network based on the smart grid architecture framework.

Covering a wide range of critical topics, including telecommunications for power engineers, power engineering for telecommunications engineers, utility applications projecting in smart grids, technologies for smart grid networks, this book will be of immense guiding tool for students, practitioners as well as researchers.