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  • ISBN: 9781642247701
  • Contributors: Stuart Henslay
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Year: 2021
  • Pages: 228
  • Availability: In Stock

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This text is written as an answer for anyone who is trying to master different computer languages. You will be able to begin from nothing without any prior knowledge about different computer languages. As you will walk towards the end of the book, you will be having all the relevant skills at excellence. Afterward, you will be confident of at least reading, understanding, and applying the knowledge in different computer languages.

As the name suggests, Computer languages, the text is about different aspects of computer languages and problem acknowledgment with their best solutions. The book has been enriched with detailed explanations of all the concepts.

This book has been framed, keeping in mind the practical aspects. You will gradually improve with time and practice. This is not a book that can be read and forgotten; you will have to work with the book. The book begins with an introduction to computer language then covering different computer languages.

The book is concentrated on the practical aspects of all the topics, and keen efforts have been put to cover all the topics. The book contains various examples of the topics which enhance understanding. Every chapter has been included with the introduction to provide a flow for further reading. There is a natural flow of topics and content in the whole book, which makes it very interesting and induces interest in working with it. I hope this book will provide you the best of your expectations.