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Fundamentals Of Computers


  • ISBN: 9781642243581
  • Contributors: Tehreem Hussain, Kiran Atta
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Year: 2020
  • Pages: 382
  • Availability: In Stock

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We have enjoyed explosive growth in the performance and capability of computer systems for over a decade. The beginning of computers and electronic devices has caused in extremely growth of data globally. This growth could be related to the increase of novel and current technologies, the internet boom, the integration of electronic devices and the quest for human dependent information. Computer applications, architecture, and technology have always been developing together with a very strong interface and the future will be no exemption in this regard. To understand the trends in computer technology, we need to requisite to analyze the directions in each of these aspects of developing computer technology.

This book provides wide-ranging information about the fundamentals of a computer system, like its architecture, memory management, and hardware design, as well as design and performance analysis of the software that runs on it. The book discusses the two prevalent cache architectures, namely inclusive and exclusive. New cache architecture for data only called the two-type data cache proposed in the literature is presented in the following section. The performance of the two-type data cache model is compared with inclusive and exclusive architectures. The energy consumed by inclusive and exclusive caches is mentioned. Methods to reduce energy consumption are proposed for inclusive and exclusive cache architectures. The hardware and software methods for energy saving are proposed. Text primarily based passwords area unit normally used for authentication in computing surroundings. though passwords area unit thought-about because the initial line of protection for users however they continue to be straightforward to compromise. To improve the security of systems, various password composition policies are adopted. These policies make sure that users are created to decide on robust passwords that facilitate stop on-line breaches and knowledge leaks. However, it additionally builds passwords troublesome to study and recall, decreasing usability. In this book, we investigated the usability of password policies and users’ perceptions of password security. Further, the book discloses on the hardware design of moving object detection on the reconfigurable system and designing domain-specific heterogeneous architectures from dataflow programs. Additionally, the optimal hardware architecture for computer vision is also revealed. Although several tools have been used in analyzing and simulating big data processes, model base implementation tool is indeed scared, this book provides a soft-computing model in addressing Big data. Following with monitoring system to analyze incidents in a computer network, the book further takes a look at automatic configurable hardware code generation for software-defined radios. IoT is a new paradigm in our everyday life. It is created through the interconnection of heterogeneous systems communicating by using different communication technologies. The future growth of IoT will lead to an important usage of technology in our daily life. Thus, this usage of technology aims to boost the human’s quality of life by facilitating everyday tasks. to confirm higher user expertise and improve the usage of IoT applications, a definite service level adore specific IoT services is required to encourage the users to use the IoT applications. Thus, this book closes with a specific mechanism for the lowest layer of our service level based IoT architecture. The book will serve a unique approach through these multi-disciplined topics to share different but thought-provoking interpretations of each of these topics.