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International Political Science


  • ISBN:  9781637856963
  • Contributors: Dillan Nurmee
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Year: 2022
  • Pages:  233
  • Availability: In Stock

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As the name suggests, international political science describes politics on a global level.

International political science is a concept showing how politics works globally to maintain peace and global development.

International political science can be described as science as well as art.

Science as politics is a theoretical concept that helps manage and develop countries and countrymen. Art as an application of politics as science shows the correct result of the theory, whether the theory is correct or any new changes are to be made.

The main motive of international political science is public welfare.

The book international political science describes how politics should be, its historical background, and the main concepts of politics.

The book mainly focuses on key concepts of politics, theory, and philosophy of politics, a background of the politics: how politics emerged, who are the political thinkers and what were their ideologies, how politics secures a nation, and how the economy flows.

The book also focuses on economic development and the development of financial policies.

The book further focuses on how politics works globally in maintaining global peace and development and the public’s welfare. Also, maintaining international relations is beneficial for the country sympathetically and empathically.

World peace and politics imply that togetherness is the biggest strength- united countries may achieve victory over all the problems, whether natural calamity or an artificially created problem (war).

This book covers all the key concepts of politics. It reflects on the working of politics globally, providing freedom to every country over its culture and point of view, economic development, and public welfare.


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