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Engineering Physics


  • ISBN: 9781642244427
  • Contributors: Jacob Schaf, Robert A. Sizov
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Year: 2020
  • Pages: 287
  • Availability: In Stock

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This book provides wide-ranging information on the coverage of Engineering Physics. The present work explores the idea that gravity is not a fundamental force and that the observed gravitational dynamics are the result of inertial motions within a Keplerian velocity field of the Higgs Quantum Space (HQS), giving mass and ruling the inertial motions of matter-energy. The Higgs theory introduces profound changes within the current read regarding the character of empty space. It introduces the idea that a real quantum fluid medium, filling up the whole of space, gives mass to the elementary particles by the Higgs mechanism, an effect analogous to the Meissner effect, giving mass to the photons within superconductors. The laws of warmth radiating from the black body, the laws of Stefan-Boltzmann, Planck, and Wain are basic laws of physics. All in all, a little more than 30 fundamental laws of physics, studied by pupils and students worldwide were also disclosed in this book.

In this book, the production principle of conventional CCP and the special CCP with various electrodes and magnets are reviewed. The applications prepared by the special CCP system are also presented. The role of nuclear power from a system engineering standpoint; the new wave-ring helical (WRH) slow-wave structure for traveling wave tube amplifiers; and stator-rotor interaction in axial turbine in the perspective of flow physics and design. Within the present decade, the rate of development of optoelectronic materials applications has rapidly increased, with current research in transparent conducting oxides (TCO’s) being directed towards choice materials capable of combining economical and environmentally sustainable superior performance. So, this book highlights the preparation and some properties of metal-organic chemical vapor deposited Al-doped ZnO thin films using single solid precursors. In conclusion, it also described the synthesis of acid-functionalized graphene (GE) which was grafted to chitosan (CH) by first reacting the oxidized GE with thionyl chloride to form acyl- chlorinated GE. This book will be of immense interest to students and practitioners dealing with the physics domain.