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Campaigns and Elections


  • ISBN: 9781637857021
  • Contributors: Jaakkima Bailey
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Year: 2022
  • Pages:  258
  • Availability: In Stock

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Campaign and election describe politics, election and its process, and the importance of the campaign.

Campaigns and elections show how the elections occur, the code of conduction, who is a good leader, and how the politicians try to overcome the regular problems to better the betterment of their country or region.

The book gives an idea about the types of elections and the election process. Also, it shows the women’s participation and breaking of stereotypes. How women’s participation seems to be very helpful for the betterment and welfare of the country also helps women grow and have an equivalent stand in society.

The book describes how elections and campaign takes place, how they should be, and what are its main concepts.

The book mainly focuses on key concepts of an election, election types, participation and registration of political leaders and political parties, election process and how elections happen in other countries, campaigns and strategies of campaigns, descriptions of voters, voting, and polling also show the role of media being played as a mediator or link between public and political parties.

The book also focuses on the leader and shows how and what qualities are present in a deserving leader.

This book covers all the key concepts of an election. It reflects on the working of politics and elections on global bases providing freedom to every country, every party over its culture and point of view, economic development and development of the country, and public welfare.


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