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Arabic and Islamic Studies


  • ISBN:9781642242263
  • Contributors: Rizwan Ali Hosseini
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Year: 2019
  • Pages: 379
  • Availability: In Stock

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‘Humans’ from very different cultural and religious backgrounds imparted to the development of Islamic arts and sciences. Muslims, Christians, Jews and others together participated in the building of a culture. In the middle Ages, the influence of Islamic civilization was felt all over the world. For the people who, from the China Sea to the Atlantic coast of Africa, embraced Islam, it provided a set of cultural references and values that served to fashion their unity while preserving their own specific characteristics. What is more, this civilization, which aspired to universality from its beginnings, exercised an undeniable influence on neighboring peoples in several fields. Islamic studies focus on one of the principal religions of the world. Familiarity with Islam is significant also from the perspective of understanding current events. As for the Arabic language, it is among the major world languages. It is both an important contemporary language, as well as the literary language of a culture crossing 1,500 years.

Arabic and Islamic Studies integrates the study of history, language, literature and culture through the publication of research articles. Though, Arabic language and literature, with the Arabs and the Islamic religious tradition, has enjoyed extensive popularity for over a period among various different peoples, including not only Muslims but also Christians and Jews. This book explores a number of key examples that demonstrate the global impact of Arabic language and literature. Islamic culture, whose roots plunge deep into the past but which is still alive today, simultaneously developed a conception of the individual and the universe, a philosophy of life and an art of living still attested in the prestigious.

Neither a learned compilation nor an attempt at popularization, this volume on the different aspects of Islamic culture is intended to be a work of a high scientific standard with contributions from eminent scholars in the Islamic world.