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Wind Turbine Technology


  • ISBN:9781642240504
  • Contributors: Ahmad Reza Ghasemi, Takaaki Kono
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Year: 2019
  • Pages: 347
  • Availability: In Stock

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Electrical energy demand has been constantly growing. Lessening fossil fuel reserves, environmental concerns, and inadequacy of conservative generation techniques fulfilling growing demand, renewable energy use has been widely accepted world-wide. When seeing the solicitation of renewable energy sources in the world, it can be seen that wind energy is frequently ideal than other renewable energy sources.

Wind turbine technology has developed rapidly in recent years and becoming more powerful, with the latest turbine models having larger blade lengths which can utilize more wind and consequently produce more electricity, bringing down the cost of renewable energy generation. Other significant inventions are evolving to make turbine engineering easier and cheaper; construct intelligent turbines that collect and understand real-time data; and model and amend wind plant flows and turbine configurations to maximize wind harvest.

Wind Turbine Technology covers the latest developments and innovative research in the field of wind energy technology. It covers cross-disciplinary information of modern wind turbine technology and an orientation in the associated technical, economic and environmental fields. It also deals with emerging concerns over increasing numbers of installed wind turbines, focusing on enhanced sensing for loads, turbine condition monitoring, wind farm controls and smart rotors with active control surfaces that use built-in blade intelligence to reduce rotor blade loads and turbine costs. Wind turbine technology has developed and full-fledged over the years and this technology now forms an increasingly important part of the electricity industry. Renewable energy conveys significant role in our fight against climate change and technologies such as wind energy can help in building a sustainable electricity generation system for the future.

This book will be of valuable tool for students and practitioners as well as for all those professionally involved in research, development, manufacture and operation of wind turbines.