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Steam Turbines for Modern Power Plants


  • ISBN:9781642241792
  • Contributors: Pragyaditya Das, Carlos Ulloa
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Year: 2019
  • Pages: 236
  • Availability: In Stock

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Steam power plants play a vital role in electric power generation. The efficacy of electrical power generation has been improved in the last few years as a result of process optimization. These days a total efficiency of approx. 45% can be reached. Therefore the steam power cycle plays a significant role in engineering education. Steam turbines are used to transform the pressure energy of high pressure steam to kinetic and later electrical energy in power plants and certain types of engines. Whereas steam turbines might be one of the more revolutionary inventions in the power generation and conversion industry. High performance steam turbines of today are specialized in their design and incorporate many efficiency increasing technologies. Steam turbine maintenance is of high importance to keep the steam turbines efficiency high and to conform to safety standards to avoid any unforeseen dangers. The steam turbine operates under high steam pressures, and has a number of moving parts that move at extremely high velocities.

Steam Turbines for Modern Power Plants presents an in-depth treatment on steam turbine design optimization, exploration and measurement, development of blades, and other significant essentials, as well as turbine retrofitting and steam turbines for renewable power plants. It considers the newest approaches of the latest decade in design, operation, and refurbishment of steam turbines for fossil-fuel power plants.

This book will be of interest to advanced graduate engineers and steam turbine engineers as well as researchers dealing with steam turbine design.