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Rare Earth-Based Corrosion Inhibitors


  • ISBN:9781642241648
  • Contributors: Camila G. Dariva, Rafael Martinez Palou
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Year: 2019
  • Pages: 338
  • Availability: In Stock

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Corrosion is the destructive attack of a material by reaction with its environment. The serious consequences of the corrosion process have become a problem of worldwide significance. Now a days, due to changes occurred on the market of corrosion inhibitors, some industrial corrosion inhibitors are being unused. Due to high toxicity of chromate, phosphate and arsenic compounds, related to various environmental and health problems, strict international laws were imposed. Reducing the use of these and therefore increasing the need for the development of other inhibitor to supply the lack in this area. Corrosion problems also arise in the pipe lines due to aggressiveness of the liquid which is being carried by them. These liquids may be petroleum containing water and sulphur, high saline formation or sea water and pipes used in cooling and heating systems in many operations. For this reason, the use of corrosion inhibitors through different sites of pipes is very important. Important researches have being conducted with government investment mainly in large areas such as development construction of new pipelines for shale gas and growth in construction. The focus of these researches has being the inhibitors applications in water and concrete for the protection of metals.

This novel edition ‘Rare Earth-Based Corrosion Inhibitors’ is packed with experimental studies in which rare earth metals have been used as corrosion inhibitors, and will discuss the inhibition mechanisms involved. It presents the state of art reviews of the corrosion inhibitors applications mainly the novel compositions environmentally friendly. It describes the mechanisms of action of inhibitors, main characteristics, environmental impact, technical analysis and calculation of efficiency.

This work will appeal to students, engineers, and chemists who study in corrosion, as well as for those who are involved in the automotive, military, aerospace and chemical plant industries.