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Production And Operations Management


  • ISBN: 9781642243505
  • Contributors: Marcello Fera, Fabio Fruggiero
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Year: 2020
  • Pages: 380
  • Availability: In Stock

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Production and operation management deals with the process which integrates and transforms different production and operational inputs into outputs, that when distributed, meet the needs of customers. Of all the practical areas of management, production management is well thought-out to be crucial in any manufacturing organization because it is accountable for converting raw materials into finished goods.

With current development, operations management has altered extremely and key changes in operations management are discussed in this book. It is commonly agreed that the success of Lean management is not only determined by its technical practices, but also by the so-called soft practices such as behavior and actions of employees and management. Lean Management behavior is in itself paradoxical in nature as it incorporates technical aspects and social, follower-related aspects. In this book, we investigate the (moderating) effect of some important lean related management actions on the relationship between lean and the level of process improvement: envisioning and communicating the meaning of lean, setting goals and active steering on improvement performance metrics and encouraging continuous improvement.

This book also covers sustainable supply chain management and the important role of packaging in operations management. It also investigates the contemporary performance measurement systems for the production management of renovation projects. In recent years, there has been a decrease in accidents. Thanks to technical failures through technological developments of redundancy and protection that have created systems additional reliable. However, it’s insufferable to speak regarding system dependability while not addressing the failure rate of all its elements; among these components, “man” — as a result of his rate of error changes the speed of the failure of elements with that he interacts It is clear that the contribution of the human factor in the dynamics of accidents – both statistically and in terms of severity of consequences – is high.

Hence, the book focuses on an overview of human reliability analysis techniques in manufacturing operations. This book overall discusses the basic concepts and applications of production and operations management with the help of real-world practices and theoretical illustrations.