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Organic Farming Practices


  • ISBN: 9781637856123
  • Contributors: Varfolomei Lagounov
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Year: 2022
  • Pages:  285
  • Availability: In Stock

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Today constant comparisons between organic and conventional agriculture are gaining popularity, and this book is mainly focused on organic farming practices. Customers would always prefer food items that are safe and abundant in quantity to feed their families and themselves. And Organic farming serves as the best alternative for making the surplus production of food products and keeping the environment friendly. Profitable agricultural growers always care about the environment and ensure good food quality. Conventional agricultural production in the 20th century ensured the production of large quantities of food as farmers began to initiate equipment, chemical fertilizers, and pesticides to produce large quantities of food earlier. The book is mainly focused on organic farming practices and their importance in driving the overall global economy.

There are several reasons for investing in an organic farm. They are primarily concerned about human health, greater nutritional value, and environmental protection. Today people consume products processed in the factories with so many additives to preserve them for a long time that they don’t even bother whether they will provide the body with the necessary nutritional, energy, and other health standards. It has been noticed that food processing is the biggest cause of the increase in the incidence of various diseases as nobody is aware of the harmful pollutants accumulating in their body through their diet. It is highly mandatory to understand the importance of organic farming and its wide range of benefits in such cases. Some chapters explain the steps to avoid the intake of such substances while encouraging an expanding investment in eco-food production in every country in the world. Maintaining soil health is also a major factor for organic growers as climatic conditions can affect their crops’ growth. Rich soils with sufficient humus live soil with trillions of microorganisms and other organisms as they help maintain the natural cycle of soil microbial change. Individuals can only make small changes to build a great world for every other human being on this planet. Hence, this book aims to help readers understand the various organic standards and certification programs, benefits, history of organic farming practices. There are also case studies at the end of the book to grasp the environmental sustainability and increase in crop production growth after adopting organic farming over conventional farming.


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