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Molecular Research in Aquaculture


  • ISBN:9781642241426
  • Contributors: Fabrice Teletchea, Tanya Chauhan
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Year: 2019
  • Pages: 348
  • Availability: In Stock

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Scientific research in aquaculture has always represented a solid base for its sustainable development. Molecular research and biotechnology have been fields of study from the past decades with applications convenient to aquaculture and other animal sciences. Biotechnology conveys powerful tools for the sustainable development of aquaculture, fisheries, as well as the food industry. The growing demand for seafood and decreasing natural marine habitats have stimulated scientists to research the new techniques that biotechnology can upsurge the production of marine food products, and building aquaculture as an emerging field of animal research. Molecular Research allows scientists to identify and combine traits in fish and shellfish to increase productivity and improve quality. Scientists are investigating genes that will increase production of natural fish growth factors as well as the natural defense compounds marine organisms use to fight microbial infections. Modern biotechnology is already making important contributions and poses substantial challenges to aquaculture and fisheries development.

Molecular Research in Aquaculture is intended to provide wide-ranging information of molecular research and its applications to the aquaculture industry that allows students and researchers in this area to grasp up-to-date information and understanding in this important field. It explores how novel, ground-breaking techniques are now being converted and used in this field focusing on molecular biological techniques, such as PCR, cloning, and hybridization, and their endorsement, provides a detailed look at molecular research and its specific applications. It also provides key reviews that look at the application of genetic, cellular, and molecular technologies to enable fish farmers to produce a more abundant, resilient, and healthier supply of seafood.