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Microbiology of Aerosols


  • ISBN:9781642240351
  • Contributors: Charifa Zemouri, Guanliu Yu
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Year: 2019
  • Pages: 365
  • Availability: In Stock

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Each day people are exposed to millions of bioaerosols, which can have both beneficial and detrimental effects. It is generally conceded that aerosols are the most important means by which infectious diseases are contracted or spread in the microbiological laboratory, although many are known to have occurred from animal bites, needle sticks, and similar situations where direct contact can occur. The microbiological quality of the air we meet daily, and depend upon absolutely is a significant yet little-addressed societal concern. The regulatory focus on air quality has been on chemical and particulate materials, which are readily measured. However, there is comparatively little knowledge of the nature of the aerosolized microorganisms and microbial products that occur in different public settings and to which the public is showing daily. Because many public places focus large numbers of humans and therefore may be chief locales for the transmission of natural pathogens or consciously released agents. Understanding the microbial ecology of bioaerosols in public settings is critical for public health, occupational health, and biodefense. The microbiology of aerosols is a promising field of research that lies at the edge of a diversity of scientific and health-related fields.

Microbiology of Aerosols examines the composition and diversity of microorganisms associated with bioaerosols in environment, presents understanding the airborne microbiome of the built environment, characterizing the various sources of airborne microorganisms and the relative contribution of each. This edited book synthesizes the current knowledge about microorganisms that are in the air and presents the most extensive culture-independent survey of microbiota so far and puts in place pre-event information required for any bioterrorism surveillance activities or monitoring of the microbiological impact. The chapters are contributed by eminent experts around the globe to provide a high-level overview of the emerging field of aerobiology.


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