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Meteorology for Wind Energy


  • ISBN:9781642241396
  • Contributors: Evangelia-Maria Giannakopoulou, Julia Lange
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Year: 2019
  • Pages: 343
  • Availability: In Stock

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The global demand for renewable energy has continued to increase over the past few decades, but the rate of growth has decreased due to adverse economic conditions such as the global economic recession, various trade disputes, and falling gas and oil prices. The fast growing population in developing countries and their lack of access to electricity supply particularly in rural or remote areas make some of these nations face the challenge of generating more energy sources and establishing a new form of energy supply structure in an effort to meet current and future increasing electricity demands. Permanent electricity supply is considered as one of the major factors responsible for sustainable economic and social development of a nation.

The discipline Wind Power Meteorology has evolved together with the commercial evolution of the wind turbine and the large-scale utilization of wind for electricity generation. From the early seventies, groups world-wide began to work with meteorological and climatological questions related to wind energy and numerous publications can be found in the literature. Currently, a great deal of extensive research on wind energy is taking place almost all over the world due to the exceptional benefits that wind energy could offer.

Meteorology for Wind Energy provides state of the art trends and techniques in the field of wind energy with a solid theoretical and practical knowledge in pertinent aspects of meteorology empowering them in problems linked to resource estimation, wind farm development, planning, turbine design and much more. It is intended to provide reliable meteorological information for the planning and running of this important kind of renewable energy, along with the progress of modern wind energy technology, the trends of wind energy technology and potential challenges have been studied thoroughly.

Most practitioners within wind energy have only fundamental knowledge about meteorology, leading to deficiency of understanding of one of the most ultimate subjects in wind energy. This book will thus deliver easy-to-understand in-depth information to the subject of meteorology, as seen from the wind energy perspectives.