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  • ISBN:9781642240306
  • Contributors: Scott Knight, Rinaldo Antonio Ribeiro Filho
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Year: 2019
  • Pages: 336
  • Availability: In Stock

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Limnology deals with the study of fresh waters contained within continental boundaries, such as lakes, and running waters, like rivers. It encompasses the biology, geology, physics, chemistry and climatology of these water systems, and may also cover wetland conservation and ecosystem services. Limnological parameters are an important criterion for determining the suitability of water for irrigation and drinking purpose. Biological production in any aquatic body gives direct correlation with its physico-chemical status which can be used as trophic status and fisheries resources potential. Life in aquatic environment is largely governed by physico-chemical characteristics and their stability. These characteristics have enabled biota to develop many adaptations that improve sustained productivity and regulate Lake Metabolism. Although inland water bodies are well below the oceans size, they are complex systems and they can’t be fully understood if studied without taking into account the complex interrelations between physical, chemical and biological aspects.

This book brings together innovative research trends and reviews on the basic principles of limnology. Particular attention has been devoted to the integration of physical, chemical and biological information, highlighting how abiotic and biotic compartments deeply interact to determine lakes and rivers evolution. Emphasis on the importance of the spatial, temporal, and interval scales over which research is carried out and conclusions are drawn and the difficulty of “scaling up” findings. Thus this work has the ambition to improve the mutual understanding between the different disciplines dealing with the specific compartments of freshwater ecosystems.

This book is intended for biology and environmental sciences students, practitioners as well as researchers dealing with the physics, chemistry and biology of the water bodies located on the surface of the continents.