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Infectious Diseases of Animals


  • ISBN: 9781637856703
  • Contributors: Zackery Bartram
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Year: 2022
  • Pages:  261
  • Availability: In Stock

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Infectious diseases in animals is a book that is focused upon enhancing the knowledge of the reader about the various infectious animal diseases that exist at present in the world. As with the onset of various diseases like that of COVID-19, and many epizootic diseases, one often seems to wonder about how the inner biology of these diseases function and how a minute disease that once seemed curable may take the shape of the huge giant and reappear in humans when not treated properly.

With animals currently impacting nearly every day human lives, from providing us milk, meat, and nearly many other livestock and animal products that we are thankful for daily. Or those cute little pets that most people own in their home can often be a host of many huge diseases in the world that may or may not have mosquitoes or ticks to pass through. And as especially in the cases of domestic animals and agricultural animals, people have often grown much and much fonder to them every day, and to take proper care of them and understand the weird symptoms or signs in their bodies, they must often be educated about those diseases prior, to take actions appropriately.

And thus, to make you aware of all the infectious animal diseases that are observed all across the world and are known to have their presence still, we weave this book with the most well-researched and fact-corrected information all across the globe. That provides access to various portals for people to check-in through, to have their animals secured, and what or how they must perform their duties as animal husbandry or pet owner, to not just prevent their own animals from getting infected, but also save themselves from being a host of their epidemic, or a case of human pandemic themselves.

And while not all diseases may provide treatments, the diagnosis of a few diseases may often be expensive, and the appropriate test that is to be performed for their identification does remain vital knowledge that every animal owner must know about. So, they can have the necessary doses of vaccines provided to their animals before they get infected, and in cases they do, they must know the practices that must be performed after, so the diseases don’t spread and can be properly contained.

While killing of animals may through chick culling machines be illegal in a few countries, there are various methods of burying the dead bodies of infected animals properly and isolating the uninfected animals so that they cannot be mistakenly walked along with the wrong places, so their lives cannot be risked.


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