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Glass in Architecture and Structural Engineering


  • ISBN:9781642241136
  • Contributors: Kyriaki Corinna Datsiou, F. Oikonomopoulou
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Year: 2019
  • Pages: 374
  • Availability: In Stock

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Over the past few decades glass technologies for buildings have undergone radical changes and extended the functions and applications of glazing in modern architecture. Consequently, several transparent buildings have been constructed, in which the materials have almost disappeared. As new constructions become increasingly energy efficient, their main environmental impact will no longer be considered in terms of their energy consumption. The impact of manufacturing the building materials as well as the construction and demolition phases becomes critical to improving a building’s sustainability based on a complete life-cycle approach. In this respect, glass generates minimal environmental impact, which makes it a product of choice for sustainable buildings.

Glass in Architecture and Structural Engineering brings together up-to-date information on the developments in structural glass research and their practical applications, offering a holistic approach to research, construction and engineering. Nowadays, a vast array of glass and glazing solutions exists to satisfy the needs of the most ambitious architects and building engineers who want to design and construct low energy or passive buildings. In well-designed buildings fitted with the right glazing solutions, glass offers both a positive balance of energy through the building envelope, and the provision of sufficient daylight to reduce artificial lighting needs. The book examines the present situation by investigating new possibilities and assessing their effect on the development of glass buildings. It presents insight into the durability, safety, appearance, and efficiency of transparent buildings can be improved through continuous refinement of designs, replacement of aged elements, prompt repair of damaged protective coatings, and greater exploitation of double-sided screens.

This book covers contribution from renowned authors from all over the world report on current research results and innovative construction projects on all aspects of structural glass research including theoretical and experimental research on elements, assemblies, connections and material.