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Fish Fermentation


  • ISBN: 9781637856680
  • Contributors: Isador Smythe
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Year: 2022
  • Pages:  212
  • Availability: In Stock

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Fermentation takes place in our day-to-day life, and it is a part of our life where all the products are involved in fermenting, even at home. In today’s generation, everything being instant, it is important to know very well the techniques used in ancient days.

As food is important daily, knowing the procedures involved while preparing the food is equally important. The machinery has taken the place of humans, and now within a small period, everything is being made.

Fermented foods are relished by everyone worldwide in various fermenting styles and thus have tremendous changes in the food we take where few tastes are now nowhere seen.

The book will be discussing various techniques of fish fermentation from traditional to modern. It will be of great use for professionals, students, etc., who are pursuing a career in the same field.

We will be compiling information on fish fermentation from various countries, their ways, and all other relevant information.

This book’s main purpose is to bring together all the methods involved and thus help the reader to go into detail about fermentation procedures involved in the fish food industry and homemade methods.

By replacing the old techniques and entering into the machinery era, it is still important to relish the ancient recipes. There are numerous benefits of including fermented fish into a diet where multiple changes occur in the human body system.

Few types of research have concluded that intake of fermented foods is good for health as now and then but not advised to be a part of the diet on daily terms as there are various enzymes and microbiota involved.

Fermentation procedures involved in fish in the food processing industry is keenly explained and during the pandemic, which has been a nightmare, has a huge impact on aquaculture and the food industry

But following all the protocols issued by the authorized officials, the food industry runs forward in meeting all the needs of the consumers and making a happy place for a happy meal to be served in every home.


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