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Business and IT Strategic Alignment


  • ISBN: 9781637856512
  • Contributors: Cadence Millhouse
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Year: 2022
  • Pages:  197
  • Availability: In Stock

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“Alignment is that state where the key elements of a business are integrated and aligned to drive growth and profit.”

– Goerge Labovitz

Business-IT Alignment is the process of aligning and using information technologies in business for benefits and growth. Business-IT Alignment provides the models and strategies for implementing technologies with efficiency.

Information technology plays a vital role in business development, and also business helps the technology to grow. In this book, we tried to explain everything about Business-IT alignment. Models that an organization should use or use artificial intelligence in a growing business are explained.

Business-IT alignment is useful in small businesses as well as large organizations. A freelancer can start his/her business using some part of technology, while an existing business can use trending technologies to get better than competitors.

Technologies are being practiced in every part of the world. People love to get things done easily, and they choose technology. We have tried to give all the information of people’s demand and technology’s future in this book.

In this book, readers will get all the ideas about Business-IT Alignment, IT Governance, SAM, etc.


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