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Aquaculture Technology


  • ISBN:9781642240542
  • Contributors: M. Føre, Christopher Good
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Year: 2019
  • Pages: 348
  • Availability: In Stock

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Demand for fish is soaring worldwide. It appears unlikely that the increasing demand can be met through increased natural harvest. There is international recognition that many of Natural Ocean and freshwater fisheries are being harvested to their limit. To achieve the demand of fish production, precise use of modern aquaculture technologies by the fish producers is essential.

Aquaculture Technology conveys the science in a manner appropriate for use by university students, practitioners, as well as researchers and others involved in fish production and aquaculture research and development worldwide.

This book reviews recent advances in improvements in aquaculture production as well as focuses on the genetic improvement and reproduction of farmed species, including genome-based technologies and key health issues in aquaculture. The application of technologies in the fisheries sector is a relatively recent practice. Nevertheless, it is a promising area to enhance fish production. The increased application of technological tools can certainly revolutionize our fish farming besides its role in biodiversity conservation.

The book reports on the current progress and thrust areas in the use of synthetic hormones in fish breeding, production of monosex, uniparental and polyploid individuals, molecular biology and transgenesis, biotechnology in aquaculture nutrition and health management, gene banking and the marine natural products. Developments in research continue to lead to improvements in aquaculture production systems, resulting in increased production efficiency, higher product quality for consumers and a more sustainable industry. New technologies in aquaculture review essential advances in these areas.

This book will guide the students, practitioners as well as researchers in this field adapt to changing technologies, markets, and environmental regulations as they occur.