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Antennas: Fundamentals, Design and Measurement


  • ISBN:9781642240023
  • Contributors: Albert Sabban, Mohammad Alibakhshikenari
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Year: 2019
  • Pages: 319
  • Availability: In Stock

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Wireless access technologies have sophisticated rapidly and broadband wireless communication systems have become popular in our daily lives. An antenna is a very important component of a wireless system because it acts as the input and output inter-face for wireless equipment and is expected to have a significant impact on the efficient use of the spectrum, the minimization of the cost of establishing new wireless networks, the optimization of service quality, and realization of the transparent operation across multi-technology wireless networks. Nevertheless, its success relies on two considerations that have been often overlooked when investigating smart antenna technologies: first, the smart antennas features need to be considered early in the design phase of future systems; second, a realistic performance evaluation of smart antenna technique needs to be performed according to the critical parameters associated with future systems requirements.

This book covers cutting-edge techniques on antenna principles, design, analysis, and measurements. It describes the requirements of the antennas or antenna systems in recent high-speed and high-capacity wireless communication systems and the key technologies for satisfying them. It also explains the antennas and antenna systems being researched and developed for next-generation wireless communication systems, such as reconfigurability to varying channel propagation and network conditions, cross-layer optimization, and multi-user diversity, as well as challenges such as the design of a suitable simulation methodology and the accurate modeling of channel characteristics, interference, and implementation losses. Market trends, future projections, and the expected financial impact of smart antenna systems deployment are also covered. The selected papers in this work describe the latest antenna and antenna system technologies for achieving high performance.

This book is of interest for students, practitioners, researchers as well as for those individuals who wish to improve their knowledge of antenna principles, concept design, performance analyses, and measurements.