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Agri-Food Biotechnolgy


  • ISBN: 9781637855973
  • Contributors: Kielo Jokinen
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Year: 2022
  • Pages:  256
  • Availability: In Stock

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Today, GM plants and animals are used for enhancing taste, shell life, nutrition, safety, and food quality. There is a constant need for our generation to understand the science behind adding nutrients to the daily food they consume. Biotechnology is the sole art of this process, and specifically, genetic engineering is of prime importance. This book delivers adequate knowledge on the biological term as well the key prospects of biotechnology.

There was an argument that said world hunger should be solved solely through food redistribution. But, how is it possible? Can the earth provide food for all the rising global population? These are not just rhetorical questions but are explained in a descriptive manner using figures and values in this book. GM yeast and Bacteria are used to produce enzymes in the food industry using biotechnological or analytical techniques, as discussed in various sections. Genetic engineering’s sole purpose is to introduce the foreign gene of interest in an organism for enhancement in the quality and quantity of food. Though there are several benefits of GMO crops, some disadvantages or food allergies found in humans are explained through charts and tables.

This book on Agri-Food Biotechnology does not simply elaborate the terms but also helps you understand the proportion of various nutrients consumed by your body daily. Not just the increasing the quality of the food is done in the chapters, but we would also increase your diet quality after reading!

Biotechnology also captures the improvements in crop yield and food nutrition while managing potential risks. It may require a commitment of public resources from nations with few, if any, public resources to spare. Every nation would face those choices with a different perception of how to weigh the benefits against the risks and deal with the changes by adapting to new technologies. There are always standard techniques chosen by different organizations to overcome such problems covered in the text.


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